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Little handbook for preparing your vacation

The time is going so fast… Yes, it’s almost holidays. Before enjoying, there are so much questions you need to ask yourself:

  • «Where do you want to go?»
  • «How many days?»
  • «A charming flat or a house?»

Here is a handbook to help you answering these questions.

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Spain? Why not?

Endless beaches, 44 conservation areas in the world heritage, 15 national parks, a healthy and delicious Mediterranean diet, very led streets… Spain has everything for her!

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Have you ever been in the province of Malaga? If not, it’s your chance to experience the sunny city, Marbella. The Andalousian atmosphere overwhelms the whole town with its 18° C (64.40° F) average temperature.  With its 27 kilometers of coastline, Marbella offers 24 beaches where you can enjoy the Mediterranean Sea and feel the hot sand under your feet. This city full of flower guaranties you to spend an unforgettable trip for you and your family but also for you and your friends.

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Ah ! Sicily …
For a weekend or holidays, there is one thousand and one reason for discovering this destination to be begun with the climate. Go to meet Sicilians and share their incredible joy of life!

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Madrid, the capital of Spain and the biggest city in this country, is situated in center of its Kingdom. Indeed, as in UK, there’s still a Kingdom called Palacio Real de Madrid where the King of Spain Felipe VI, his wife and kids live. This Royal palace can be visited since it likewise became a museum.

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Modern trends in cottage architecture

Architectural trends appear on a base of average preferences, often-used models and modern construction technologies. Eco-friendly solutions dominate in today’s private house construction. Family comfort, efficient lagging characteristics, practicality and economy are key principles for construction of cottages.

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