Have you ever been in the province of Malaga? If not, it’s your chance to experience the sunny city, Marbella. The Andalousian atmosphere overwhelms the whole town with its 18° C (64.40° F) average temperature.  With its 27 kilometers of coastline, Marbella offers 24 beaches where you can enjoy the Mediterranean Sea and feel the hot sand under your feet. This city full of flower guaranties you to spend an unforgettable trip for you and your family but also for you and your friends.

You’ll be able to visit the historical pedestrian zone, Avenida Del Mar where the ground is entirely marbled and decorated with the famous Spanish surrealist painter Dali’s bronze status. You’ll also be able to visit Marbella’s old quarter that fully represent the Andalusia with its beautiful white alleys. For the youngest, the Juzcar village can be an astonishing moment for them since they used it to film The Smurfs movie by painting all the walls in blue, they can visit the crocodile park in Torremolinos or simply ride a donkey.

Nevertheless, a lot of activities are available in Marbella. Knowing there is the Mediterranean Sea all along the city, better enjoy it with Jet Skies, jetboats, flyboards, flyfishs Buoys and other. And if water is not your favorite element, you can still rent a segway, a bike or an overboard for the day and have fun in a club at night.

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