Ah ! Sicily …
For a weekend or holidays, there is one thousand and one reason for discovering this destination to be begun with the climate. Go to meet Sicilians and share their incredible joy of life!

What is then the best period to go in Sicily ?

Sicily benefits from a soft and pleasant climate with annual average temperatures going from 11 to 25 °C. The relief and the closeness of the sea qualify this majority. The periods to be favored to take advantage at the most of your journey are : the spring (in May, June) and the autumn (in September, October). In many places, weather conditions are very considerable during these periods.

You are greedy ? I’is a reason furthermore to visit Sicily

Sicilians are the best gastronomes ! Pastas, pizza, coffee, wines … Their gastronomic specialities conquered the rest of the planet. These delights illustrate the fact that Sicilians are amateurs of the pleasures of the table.

Their side “joy of living” also appears in the other aspects of their everyday life. Indeed, Sicilians have the easy contact. Don’t be surprised if we call out to you in the street for exchange to some words.

Leaded by their Mediterranean temperament, Sicilians have an explosive and very festive character. Numerous organized parties all year round allow to find themselves for pleasant moments together.

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