Little handbook for preparing your vacation

The time is going so fast… Yes, it’s almost holidays. Before enjoying, there are so much questions you need to ask yourself:

  • «Where do you want to go?»
  • «How many days?»
  • «A charming flat or a house?»

Here is a handbook to help you answering these questions.

Preparing in the best way your holidays is essential to have a good time during these. That’s why, you must be prepared, and really think about what you want for your vacations. Monuments to visit? Outstanding beaches? Bars and clubs ? This is all your choices, but here, I’m going to help you doing the best.

First step : choose a destination

The destination will depend on your wishes. Sun, mountains or nature, do you want to go faraway or stay next to your home, you have to decide. Moreover, you have to choose your activities, do you want to be able to chill, work out, visit etc. After that, your have to determine a budget. Actually, some destinations although they are fantastic, are really expensive. It’s useless to be disappointed when you realize you can’t go there because of your budget. That’s why, it’s really important to determine a budget before beginning your researches.

Second step : choose a housing

The housing will rely on your needs and the number of persons that will come with you. Indeed, if you are only two, you won’t have the same needs of bedding, than if you are with a group of eight friends. It will depend on your wishes too: do you want a charming flat or a big house with a swimming pool?
Event if it’s sometimes a little bit more expensive, I advise you to go through an intermediary. Indeed, this one can take care of the check-in and check-out, the quality of the housing, the services. With an intermediary, you can be sure your money wont be stolen by an impostor, and won’t be afraid of seeing a housing which doesn’t look like the pictures.

Third and final step:

Get on a flight, a train or your car and enjoy your holidays !

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