Rent a house for vacation: what you need to know!

Is vacation rental the same as any other house or apartment? Here are a few things you absolutely need to know.

Vacation rentals around the world : my personal paradise

Renting a house or an apartment for holidays is becoming more and more popular among modern tourists. Actually, why not? It’s simple, a hundred times more comfortable, than a hotel, and offers a lot more privacy as well!

Especially, when you travel with a big family or in a large group of friends, renting a house is a brilliant idea :

  • Spare money. Instead of renting a few separate rooms in a hotel, you rent one big property. If you search well, you can even save a few hundred on it.
  • Extra comfort. There is no other place where you could party the whole night in pyjamas, not care for any chambermaid coming in early in the morning, and actually feel yourself at home – renting your own place does feel different! After all, isn’t it relaxation and comfort, that we need most on vacation?
  • Unique locations. You get to live next to some extraordinary monuments, natural treasures or in the most beautiful and isolated places ALONE, which means, no other bothering tourists living nearby – isn’t it worth it?

Take photos on Day One!

This may sound awkward, and many tourists don’t do it, but it’s a very useful tip, here is why. When you rent property, you normally pay a deposit to the landlord – in case there is any damage at the end of your stay, he/she will keep the money. The thing is that you never know how honest the lessor is – chances are, you might be blamed for breaking something you didn’t. First day photos are a perfect way to protect yourself against such a situation.

Before officially moving in and paying for the stay, be sure to walk through the place with the landlord and check everything there : the place must be clean, all the machines, taps, door handles and keys must be in order. Take a good look at the furniture as well, because any damage, scratches or stains might be blamed on you!

Take a contact number

Ask your lessor for a contact number, in case you need assistance, or there is any emergency like a loss of electricity, etc.

Who pays for what

Before moving in, it will be a good idea to discuss, who pays for Internet, utility bills, cleaning – especially, if you are staying for over a few weeks. Make things clear and don’t be afraid to negotiate, because, after all, you are the client. Financial questions must be clear, so that you wouldn’t get stressed during your vacation. Making a checklist of what is included in your pay and what is not is also a useful idea!

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